Email Marketing

  • Why Law Firms Use eLawMarketing for Email Marketing

    Explains why law firms should use eLawMarketing instead of a cheaper email blast service.

  • Email Marketing: Core Edition Software

    Describes the features of our Core Edition email marketing license.

  • Email Marketing: Email Invitations

    Describes our premium "email invitation" module, which allows firms to capture event registrations online into a database via pre-populated online RSVP forms.

  • Email Marketing: Advanced Deliverability

    Describers our premium deliverability tools, which allow firms to maximize deliverability past filters.

  • Email Marketing: CRM Integration

    Describers our premium CRM integration module, which allows clients to integrate our email marketing application with their CRM application and pass data back and forth in real-time.

  • Email Marketing: Audits

    Describes our email marketing audit service designed to assess the "status quo" of your email marketing program in various performance categories, and compliance with design "best practices."

  • Email Marketing: Dynamic Content

    Describe our premium "Dynamic Content" module, which takes subscriber segmentation to the next level by enabling the display of different content to different subscribers in the same email based on subscriber attributes.

  • Email Marketing: Integration

    Describes our premium integration, which allows law firms to seamlessly integrate our email marketing application with so that users can launch campaigns, manage subscribers and track results directly within the interface.

  • Email Marketing: International Languages

    Describes our premium "international language" module, which allows users to compose emails with foreign characters, including Korean, Japanese, Chinese and Russian.