The Top 10 Law Firm Blog Best Practices

Top 10 Law Firm Blog Best PracticesFor any lawyers still debating whether or not to start blogging, it's time to get off the fence. Research shows that journalists and business executives turn regularly to Google and other search engines to locate experts on particular topics. And blogs generally rank more highly in the search engines because they deliver what search engines want: (i) targeted content (ii) regularly refreshed with lot’s of inbound and outbound links.

The above dynamic makes blogs the perfect tool for individual attorneys looking to develop their reputations for thought leadership in “niche” areas of the law. To that end, we've prepared a white paper that reviews the top 10 law firm blog best practices.

  • Compose Unique and Catchy Title and Description Tags For Each Blog Post Using Keywords
  • Hyperlink Keywords in One Post to Related Earlier Posts
  • Use Software That Generates Search Engine-Friendly URL’s and Supports Other Best
  • Support Sharing of Blog Content Across Social Media Channels
  • Regularly Seek Inbound Links from Topically-Related Blogs/Websites
  • Link to High Quality, Topically-Related Blogs and Websites
  • Encourage Reader Engagement With Comments and Cross-Marketing
  • Balance Publishing Frequency With Credibility With a Mix of “Short” and “Long” Posts
  • Host Your Blog at a Custom Domain
  • Monitor Site Traffic