Legal Blog Ghostwriting

A primary criteria driving search engine visibility for a blog is frequent posting (please see our article on the subject). 

For lawyers who are too busy to post frequently (it’s good to be busy!), we offer blog ghostwriting services.

Briefly, we monitor content sources (new reported court decisions, mainstream media articles, etc.) for stories relating to the subject matter of the lawyer's blog, and then write up an analysis (the length of which depends on the preferences of the blog's publisher). All writing is done by former lawyers who understand the nuances of legal practice and the law.

This service can be used to regularly populate a law firm blog with fresh content, or to supplement postings by one or more attorneys.

All "ghostwritten" posts are subject to attorney review and approval prior to publication.

Please contact us for links to some of our sample blog posts.

P.S. - there's been opinions expressed online that ghostwriting lawyer blogs is unethical. We say "you've got to be kidding!" Specifically, we think having a blog ghostwritten is no different than clerks writing opinions for judges and junior associates writing briefs or law journal articles for partners. What's important is that the person whose name is on the opinion, brief or blog posts takes responsibility for its content. Click here to read our more detailed viewpoint on the ethics of ghostwriting lawyer blogs.