Online Association Management

Our online association management application is an affordable, cutting-edge, Internet-based software solution that enables associations and other membership-based organizations to manage their membership, events, vendor sponsors, job listings, photos and organizational documents from a single, secure, web-based interface and database. Featuring robust technology and a fully integrated database framework, the application dramatically reduces administrative hassles, saves time and money, and delivers value-added to association members. 

Membership Management
Event Management
Vendor Management
Job Listings Management
Photo Gallery Management

Membership Management (back to top)

Our software will dramatically reduce the workload involved in managing your organization's membership. Members can renew their memberships, update their profiles, or pay their dues online. Administrative tools enable you to run a variety of membership reports, including registration and billing histories, and lists of expiring members or new members. The core tools include:

  • Online Membership Directory: A private member directory is always accessible online to administrators through a password-protected site. Flexible search and reporting features allow you to view the entire membership directory or to find members based on specified queries. Your directory may be downloaded at any time. A public directory can also be made available to your members on your website.
  • Administrative Center: Only designated administrators have access to your organization's Member Center where your member data is stored. Here you can manually add new members, terminate memberships, update a member's personal information, or view a member's registration and billing history (thus facilitating rapid resolution of billing issues). The Member Center offers numerous reports available for download to spreadsheets and other software applications.
  • Flexible Online Join Process: You may determine how you want members to join your group. They may join online and instantly have access to your members-only area, or your online application process may require approval from a site administrator. You may also turn off the online registration process and have interested parties contact you directly for membership information.
  • Customizable Membership and Billing Options: Our software offers you total control over the information you wish to capture from your members and to maintain in your member database. In addition to contact and demographic data, you may customize a number of text fields, drop-down lists, and check boxes to capture and maintain additional information, allowing you great flexibility in the information that is available in your member directory (click thumbnail to right). Once the membership fields are finalized, and your membership data is uploaded, members can be issued usernames and passwords to log in to review and update their member profiles online on a self-service basis.

    As far as billing, annual, semi-annual, quarterly, monthly, or weekly dues may be accepted online. Recurring membership fees may be automatically billed at rates and frequency of your choosing. No more spending hours collecting overdue membership fees!

    Online payment processing is handled by Verisign, an industry-leading, highly secure encrypted gateway. Your members will feel safe transacting online.

Event Management (back to top)

Our software provides you with more than just a static calendar displaying event information. The web-based calendar serves as a complete event scheduling and online event registration system. Attendees always have up-to-the-minute event information, including directions and maps. Icons indicate when activities have been posted, updated, or cancelled. Members and guests register for your events online and a real-time RSVP list is maintained. Email event reminders increase attendance and participation. Members can even export their events to their Microsoft Outlook calendar or PDA.

The core tools include:

  • Interactive Online Event Calendar: Communicating information about your activities has never been easier. Your calendar is always current and members have easy access to event times, dates, locations, maps, and other information. Your events may also be categorized and members may filter the calendar for only the categories of interest to them (view sample online events calendar).

    Once someone has registered for an event online, they can export the information to their Microsoft Outlook calendar. From Outlook, they may synch with a PDA. This is useful feature designed to increase member attendance and participation.

    Event details are available to the public only if the event has been designated as a "public event." Members register for members-only events by logging into their accounts with their usernames and passwords.
  • Event Administrative Center: You may designate who has the authority to create and edit events and to post them to your organization's calendar. Administrators use the Event Administration Center to review the event queue and approve events online. No event goes onto your web-based calendar before the administrator approves it. You can quickly and easily update or cancel events here as well.

    The Event Center is color coded for easy identification. Green indicates that the event is scheduled and on the event calendar. Yellow indicates the event is awaiting approval and not yet visible to your members. Cancelled events appear in Red.

    Event organizers always have access to updated event RSVP lists and registrants' contact information (click thumbnail to right). At the appropriate time, you may quickly send email event reminders to all of the members on an event's RSVP list. If for some reason, the event time or location changes, you can easily inform the registrants of the changes. No confusion and no communication breakdowns.
  • Online Event Registration and Payment: Registering for events is fast and easy for your members. A real-time list of attendees is maintained, and you may also collect event payments online. Payment processing is handled by an industry-leading, highly secure encrypted gateway. Your members will feel safe transacting online.

Vendor Management (back to top)

Our vendor management tool allows organizations to easily manage vendor directories and advertising on their websites. Features include:

  • Customization of the data fields captured for vendors
  • Create multiple vendor categories (e.g., finance, IT, staffing, etc.)
  • Easy-to-use administrative interface for uploading vendor data, including logos and website URL's (click thumbnail to right).
  • Ability to create rotating banner ads on your website with vendor logos and website URL's
  • Creation of searchable vendor directory for website with multiple categories

View sample vendor sponsorship listing

Job Listings Management (back to top)

Our job listings management tool allows organizations to add a searchable job board to their websites to notify members of job opportunities.

Features include:

  • Customization of the data fields captured for each job listing (e.g., experience required, salary offered, etc.)
  • Create multiple job opportunity categories (e.g., accounting, administrative, human resource, etc.)
  • Easy-to-use administrative interface for uploading job listing data (click thumbnail to right).
  • Creation of searchable job listings directory for website with multiple categories

View sample online job board

Photo Gallery Management (back to top)

Our photo management tool enables organizations to add a photo gallery to their websites.

Features include:

  • Easy-to-use administrative interface for uploading photos, including full size and thumbnail versions of photos and insertion of photo captions (click thumbnail to right)
  • Creation of photo gallery on website that members may browse

View sample online photo gallery